5 Way to Style your Scarf for the Fall

November 8, 2016 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

With fall in tow and the winter breeze coming our way, it’s time to say goodbye to our 70 degree days. On the bright side, cooler weather means it’s time to utilize cool weather accessories. So dust off your scarves as we are going to show you how versatile your scarves can be and why they should be one of your go-to accessories. Scarfs are great for many reasons; they keep you warm – of course! They also come in many different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. So there’s a technically a scarf for every outfit. And lastly, they can really add that special touch to your outfit and all you have to do is throw it on top and walk out of the door. Check out our 5 ways to style your scarf below!

1. Infinity Scarf with Infinite Use!
Every fashionista has an infinity scarf somewhere in the back of her closet. On the really cold days, pair your scarf with a nice thick wool coat or one with texture. Infinity scarves can be more than just casual wear. Although many like to wear their scarf on top of a basic shirt with jeans, booties, and a light jacket, switch it up and add it into your dressy wardrobe.

2. The Perfect Plaid
There are many reasons we love this scarf; it’s plaid (who doesn’t love plaid?) and it’s a pretty large piece of fabric that gives you SO much versatility. This is a great way to style it because throwing one side over the shoulder keeps your neck warm, stays out of your way, and really makes it a statement piece. Also remember that plaid really complements solid colors and classic pieces so the plain white sweater and class brown leather bag turns out to be a PERFECT match.

3. The Underrated Silk Scarf
Believe it or not, silk scarves are making a comeback. From the natural girls who are reinventing how to can wear them as a hair accessory to the fashionistas on the street who shows us the many ways to wear them around our neck.

4. Wrap it Up!
The great thing about this scarf is the fact that you can literally be bundled up in warmth and make a fashion statement at the same time. Complement this look by coordinating your lipstick with your scarf or add other accessories that will pop such as a stylish clutch.

5. Accent the Patterns
Nothing’s more fun than styling a scarf that is vibrant, decorative, and colorful. When you’re going with a neutral look grab an accented scarf to complete your look- no wrapping necessary. Now you’re ready to walk out of the door and slay the day.