5 Ways to Style your Skirts for Cool Weather

November 15, 2016 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

Have you ever gotten sad because you had to put away some of your favorite pieces because the seasons were changing? Well, everyone knows that when the seasons change, your wardrobe does too and there are something things in your closet that have to be put away for the spring / summer. So say goodbye to your sandals, tank tops, and light summer dresses. But we’re going to show you that there is one piece in your closet that you don’t have to say goodbye to which is your SKIRTS. Whether they’re maxi, midi or mini we’re going to show how you can style them for the winter and keep them in your wardrobe all year long.

1. Comfy in Pink
All fashionistas know that leather is a Fall / Winter staple so why not switch it up and pair your red midi skirt with a comfy sweater. Spice it up with your rose gold metallic pumps and jeweled arm candy to complete your look.

2. Fancy and Fun
Olive green has easily become one of the trendiest colors for the fall. This silk green wrap midi skirt is great for a night out with some friends. Dress it up by pairing a patterned silk blouse with it and accenting the burgundy through the shoes and accessories. You can even have more fun by adding some arm candy, but make sure not to over-do it by choosing to be simple with the rest of the look.

3. Dark and Bold
Skirts that hit right above the knee are also a closet staple because they’re incredibly versatile. While many will only choose to wear this in a office setting, you can transform it into a going-out outfit by adding some really dark tights, a cute closed toe pump, a sophisticated turtleneck, and a leather jacket to keep it young and hip.

4. Cool and Playful
Believe it or not, you CAN wear mini skirts in the winter. The key to making this work is a nice pair of pantyhose.This coat is so playful and fun so you can tone down the rest of your outfit for balance by choosing one cool or neutral color such as the navy blue.

5. Black and Chic
Everyone loves a high waisted skirt that can flatten and accentuate the waist! So why not pair it with a white blouse and a suede ankle boot. Complete your look with a gold neck piece and a simple earring and watch to balance the look.