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It may seem like October just began, but Halloween is approaching right around the corner.It can be hard not to just give in and go with your costume from last year, or to not even go at all. Resist the temptation to give into the easy way out, because we've got five costumes that you can score on s ...
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When it comes to our hair and body, we buy many products for our specific needs. From shampoos and styling products to facial washes and creams, we buy them all. Every year we spend tons of money on trying new expensive products in search of finding that PERFECT product that works just for you. Whet ...
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If you value your sleep as much as we do over at Zankhna Designs, it can be difficult not to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock every time it rings.Unfortunately, those extra few minutes spent on getting a good night's rest also means less time for you to go about your morning routine.It can ...
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Every woman needs a good pair of flats. Whether you’re a career fashionista or stylish mommy, we all need a break from our heels every once in a while. On the days where we’re running behind the little ones or spending extra hours at the office, we need a shoe that's supportive, comfortable, eas ...
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Fashion is no stranger to controversy, but perhaps the greatest controversy yet is the question of whether leggings are really pants.Over here at Zankhna Designs, we're going to have to say yes!Leggings are definitely one of the most comfortable and inexpensive pieces a girl can have in her wardrobe ...
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Are you tired of only eating cereal in the morning? Have you had a morning or two where you are just rushing out of the door and barely have time to make breakfast? Well, we know EXACTLY how you feel. Whether you’re single (and only have one mouth to feed) or running behind your family, we all str ...
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Turtleneck:If you haven’t bought yourself a turtleneck yet out of fear of looking too matronly or outdated, get on the bandwagon right now!When styled correctly, the turtleneck can be a sexy piece worn during the day or at on a night out with friends.Land's End, $50High-waisted Jeans: ...
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Fall has just begun, and we're already super excited for all of the great things that it is sure to bring with it.From the warm sweaters to the nights spent snuggled in front of the fireplace, this season has just the right amount of chilly and warm weather.That's not the only reason we love fall, e ...
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It’s How- To Tuesday and we’re sharing our top most effective tips for how to dress for a successful interview. When we're prepping our outfit the night before the interview, we all face the same challenges. Is it too much? Is it not enough? Should wear a dress or a skirt? We all ask these quest ...
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When it comes to dressing for a wedding there are many understood DOs and DON’Ts. Although many understand the DON’Ts as in, DON’T try to over-do the bride, wear white, wear anything too revealing or tight etc, many don’t tend to understand the DO’s. So we're here to share some of our tips ...
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