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July 14, 2014 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

I have been designing outfits for myself since I was 14.  I make patterns, cut fabric and even sow.  Its what I have always loved to do (other than Medicine of course). Ever since I can remember, I designed my own outfits for any special occasions and after a while even started designing for friends and family.  It is one of the main reasons I decided to start my fashion line.  Not only does it allow me to continue designing, it allows me to see the expressions of the clients when they see their imagination come to life. They know how to express their ideas, but I am able to draw it and make their vision come to life.  That look when they first see and wear the outfit is priceless!  We start from scratch where I ask them all the basic details like type of event, type of outfit they would like, their usual dressing style, color choices and even fabric and embellishment choices they may have.  Then its to the drawing board and we go back and forth till the client is completely happy with the sketch.  From there we go to the manufacturing stage and finally delivery. I am able to do all this at a fraction of a cost of outfits you would find in a department store!  Your own custom outfit in your size and style. This fall, I have the privilege to design an outfit for a celebrity and she will be wearing it to the opening night of the Met Gala on September 22nd 2014.

I’m designing a couture gown for a woman who not only is a celebrity, She is a well known journalist, a powerful voice of women entrepreneurship, a public speaker  and activist.  She works very hard to support other women in their business aspirations, but I rarely see her taking time for herself. So I’m making something glamorous for the opening night of the Met this September to remind her that she’s beautiful too.

Here is what she requested and how we settled on this unique design just for her.

She said,  “As a denizen of New York City for the last 17 years, there are two things I rarely miss: The US Open and opening night of the Met Opera Season. This year, James Levine kicks off opening night with a new production of Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, directed by Richard Eyre. Anyone who has been to this wonderful evening, knows its one New York evening where the glitterati show up in their evening gown best. This year, I will be wearing a custom couture gown by Zankhna Parekh. I picked an eggplant color since it is one of my power colors. I chose a deep neck because I have a bust and I have hips. I find its best to emphasize the assets, rather than cover them up. I’ve chosen a deep V neck for the the top and a top down A line for the bottom”. Here is the sketch and fabric choice that she approved.

The piece is underway and I cannot wait to present her with the finished product! If you have a need for a custom dress/gown/wedding dress or any other couture outfit, please contact me at for pricing and details.

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