Five Lazy Girl Fashion Hacks You Have GOT to Try

June 12, 2017 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

We’ve all got mornings where we would rather just stay in bed all day, or give in and just wear sweatpants to work. Instead of trying to fight that urge, we’ve got a list of the easiest (and most stylish) ways you can get away with being lazy in the name of fashion. Read on ahead for some quick fashion hacks!

1. Pajama Party
Try the ultimate lazy girl hack by mixing or matching your favorite pair of silk pajamas. The richness of the fabric will make you seem high class without making you try very hard, and who doesn’t long for an excuse to wear their pajamas to work anyways?


The Outnet

2. Sleepy Head
Thanks to the athleisurewear trend, items like sleep slippers have suddenly become a girl’s most versatile shoe. Pair fur slides or lined moccasins with a pair of jeans and a turtleneck, and you’ve got an effortless outfit.


Patricia Green

3. The Not-So Messy Bun
Fastening your hair in a messy topknot is a classic hairstyle any girl knows to use for greasy or unkempt hair. Upgrade this basic hack by adding a bow or a funky scrunchie to jazz up your look, and people will be complimenting you on your hair all day.



4. Hat Trick
On days where even a messy bun just looks messy, hats are any fashionistas go-to to cover the imperfections. Wear a baseball hat or a beanie (for the colder weather), and you’ll seem both mysterious and well-kempt.


North Face

5. Pass the Palazzo
Palazzo pants are well-known for their wide flare and loose fabric, which makes them perfect to wear in place of pajama pants in public. Try a pair with light fabrics like chiffon for summer or spring, and pull on heavier fabrics like jersey for fall and winter.


T by Alexander Wang

By Divya Ramaswamy