Five Ways to Give Up Fast Fashion

June 4, 2017 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

Fast fashion has become one of the biggest movements in fashion today, with the rise of retailers like Forever21 and Zara. Nowadays, people want the hottest clothes at the lowest price, without worrying about where the clothes come from or what they are made out of. Unfortunately, this can often lead to horrible working conditions like the tragedy of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, where over one thousand workers were killed while working in a clothing factory. In light of conditions like these, it can be important to make sure your clothes are ethically sourced. Read on ahead to find out how you can give up fast fashion.

1. Buy Staples
We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy trends you love, because let’s face it, we’re all guilty of purchasing that chevron printed shift dress that we know is going out of style soon. However, if you’re looking at making the transition to fast fashion, make sure to buy clothes that you wear frequently. Items like t-shirt dresses, a nice pair of jeans, or leggings are all essentials you need in your wardrobe, so you might as well get ones that you know will last forever!


2. Focus on Your Style
Buying clothes in the slow fashion industry means that you can finally get the piece you’ve always wanted, instead of the knockoff versions made by fashion retailers. This can be anything from a formal dress you want to wear to nice events, to a statement necklace made by artisans.

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3. Hop On the Brandwagon
Although we would never encourage you to be one of those people that buys designer clothing just to say they own it, clothes from high-end designers like Alexander Wang or Stella McCartney of a higher quality. Make sure to buy from brands that you know value their workers, and are known for their construction.

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4. Find an Alternative
If putting down the money for wildly expensive fashion isn’t your cup of tea, there are always cheaper ways to move into slow fashion. Brands like Alternative Apparel and Everlane offer great clothes for a better prices, while still offering up radical transparency you can’t find at H&M.


5. Don’t Be Afraid to DIY
Now that you’re no longer spending your weekends racking up bills on your card, you can go ahead and do all of those Pinterest DIY fashion tutorials you’ve always wanted to try out. It’s a cheaper alternative than actually buying those clothes, and it’s a lot more fun to tell your friends that you’ve made it yourself!

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By Divya Ramaswamy