The Latest trends in Fashion – The sneaker!

March 1, 2014 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

Yes you read that right!  Women all over just rejoiced secretly as the newest trend to hit the red carpet and runways are the decked out sneakers.  From keds to high tops, it is the newest fad sweeping even the dressiest of brides!

So why the sudden change?  Well for years, women have complained about painful and uncomfortable high heeled shoes and the stigma associated with the necessity of wearing them.  But as the new generation of powerful, self-established and self-proclaimed ‘sexy’ women arises, they shred all social stigmas and opt for healthier, more comfortable and dare I say ‘smarter’ choices?

I am not talking about flats ladies! I am talking about the full on athletic sneakers that are becoming the go to for even the most preppy fashionistas. 

Take for instance Tory Burch.  Not only does her campaign feature a dressed up sneaker look, she has a wide variety of choices in her collection.

Tory BUrch


A pair of Nike Yeezy II designed by Kanye West last year fetched $100,000 on ebay and his fiance Kim Kardiashian also posted this tweet a few days ago showing a family of Nike Yeezy II ‘Red October’ eluding to the fact that this is the fashion statement right now!



Christian Louibuton added a touch of feminity and sparkle by adding not only shine but also class to the boring ol’ sneaker. 

  christian Louibuton


For the sneaker trend, the one band wagon I see myself getting on is the wedge sneakers!  I love it!  How fashionable and still gives height to shorter women like myself.   NYFW was abuzz with bright colored wedge sneakers by Tommy Hilfiger and wedge sneakers by Michael Kors.