Origin of NOT Wearing White After Labor Day

September 5, 2016 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

Any fashionista is familiar with the idea of not wearing white after labor day. Do we abide by it today? Not really, but did we once abide by it? Absolutely. So who exactly said we couldn’t wear white after labor day? Where did this theory come from? Well, this unwritten fashion rule came from the same place that many other unwritten rules came from: the upper class. White apparel is typically more lightweight and has always been preferred for warm weather just like darker clothes are preferred during cooler months. During the late 1800s the real housewives of high society created unwritten fashion rules in order keep the outsiders (lower class) out and the insiders in. These rich housewives created rules about what to wear for each occasion and season starting with the idea of how tacky it would be to wear white during the cooler months. As this rule tricked down, many began to abide by it and it was fashion law. Although you did have some (like Coco Chanel) who could care less about fashion laws created by rich housewives. Fast forward to today, many look forward to wearing their darker threads during cooler months. But there are definitely many who know how to appropriately wear their winter whites. Below are 5 ways you can rock your white after labor day. Rules were made to be broken, right?

Business Casual White X Red Lip
Ashley Graham shows us how perfect a slim pair of high waisted trousers and a quarter sleeve blouse goes together. And she reminds us that a nice red lip is always a go-to.

Warm Weather X Cold Weather Whites
Nothing says fall like mixing and matching warm weather and cool weather attire. Loosely fitted white shorts look great with a sweater accompanied by a textured coat and nice pump.

Cool x Comfy White
Who said you couldn’t be cool and comfy? A white sleeveless blouse paired with a nice white pair of crisp high waisted trousers is a chic ensemble that is great for looking professional yet on the run. And who said you couldn’t wear black slides to keep it comfy?

White Jeans x Girls Night Out
Now THIS is how you rock white skinny jeans. By wearing a beautiful long sleeved blouse and thin jewelry you can make this the perfect girls night out fit by grabbing your textured clutch and dark open toe sandals.

White ‘Winter Coat X Black Tights
Wrap up in your favorite white wool coat and infinity crochet scarf. This ensemble looks great with dark tights and a black bootie. You can’t go wrong with black and white.