Our 5 Favorite ATHLEISURE Brands!

September 12, 2016 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

Before the Fall and all that it has to offer arrives, we want to give you a head start on how to enjoy your favorites and keep off the holiday pounds. Between the fall fairs and festivals, food truck rodeos, and pumpkin spice everything that we crave, it’s super important to keep your health in mind because when you feel good, you look good. So do you have to give the cinnamon rolls up? Not at all! You can still live your life and enjoy your favorites with you friends and family. Remember when I said if you feel good, you’ll look good? Well part of feeling good is by integrating a workout into your daily routine. Whether it’s morning cardio, midday yoga session, zumba after work, or a swift walk while the kids are at soccer practice, the goal is to GET MOVING. A little workout goes a long way. But before you hit that pavement or gym, you have to do a little shopping for some workout threads. And don’t you even think about bringing out those baggy sweats. TRUST ME, a cute workout outfit makes working out that much easier. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you some direction on where you can buy some cute and affordable gear that gets you in the mood to sweat a little or a lot… either way you’re doing it in style.

1. FABLETICS- for the FABULOUS girl
For the woman who needs her workout gear to be as bright and fun as she is. And don’t forget- affordable!

2. NIKE- for the dedicated, “up at the crack of dawn” woman
Whether you’re training for the olympics or a dedicated runner who’s trying to get her pre-baby body back, you love your Nike gear because working out is apart of your lifestyle. Your workout gear is your favorite outfit so you’re going to make sure it’s quality.

3. IVY PARK- for the fashionista who makes working out looking easy (see: Beyonce)
The IVY Park girl is one that can rock her cute yet functional gear for every activity. Whether her “Park” is a dance studio or track she can comfortably work up a sweat in her street influenced fashionable gear. Besides the gear, nothing makes you more confident in who you are as a woman than Queen Bey herself so crank up Lemonade and please proceed to “Feel Yourself”.

4. LULULEMON- For the Yogis and aspiring yogis
Lululemon made sure they catered to their kind of girl; the one who NEEDS her midday yoga session. So if you’re thinking about finding your inner peace through yoga, you need some Lululemon threads.

5. H&M- For the newbies to this “workout” thing
So, maybe you’re kind of new to this workout thing, but you want something cute, not too expensive and easily accessible. H&M has a pretty cool workout line that gives you a variety of cute gear. Check out the leggings, sports bras, socks, jackets, and more!