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ZANKHNA PAREKH » what to wear to office party

We’ve all got mornings where we would rather just stay in bed all day, or give in and just wear sweatpants to work. Instead of trying to fight that urge, we’ve got a list of the easiest (and most stylish) ways you can get away with being lazy in the name of fashion.Read on ahead for some quick f ...
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Fast fashion has become one of the biggest movements in fashion today, with the rise of retailers like Forever21 and Zara.Nowadays, people want the hottest clothes at the lowest price, without worrying about where the clothes come from or what they are made out of.Unfortunately, this can often lead ...
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Thanksgiving has finally arrived, and we’ve got a whole long list of things we’re thankful for…. Along with our list of things we're looking to buy this Black Friday.With so many festive products on the market right now, it can be difficult to decide which pumpkin spice bath soap or spiced lat ...
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December has finally arrived, and that means we can officially begin thinking about winter!While we have enjoyed getting to spend our days carving pumpkins and watching nature change colors, we're even more excited about the prospect of what comes next.Winter means snow and huddling in front of a fi ...
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For many, the holidays is one of the best times of the year. Why? Well for one, people are off from work so they get to spend plenty of time with their family. Tons of cookies and delicious treats are made while Christmas lights are put up, games are played, cozy sweaters are worn and love and laugh ...
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Thanksgiving is around the corner and everyone is preparing to spend the holidays with friends and family. Although many are excited about the abundance of great food and company of loved ones, everyone is preparing for this holiday whether you’re hosting the dinner or you’re a guest. While most ...
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November has certainly been going by fast; it's hard to believe that we're already nearing the end of the month.Pretty soon, we will be celebrating one of the best American holidays--- Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays of the year, especially because it means piles of delicio ...
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Have you ever gotten sad because you had to put away some of your favorite pieces because the seasons were changing? Well, everyone knows that when the seasons change, your wardrobe does too and there are something things in your closet that have to be put away for the spring / summer. So say goodby ...
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With fall in tow and the winter breeze coming our way, it’s time to say goodbye to our 70 degree days. On the bright side, cooler weather means it’s time to utilize cool weather accessories. So dust off your scarves as we are going to show you how versatile your scarves can be and why they shoul ...
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When it comes to traveling for the on-the-go fashionista, it’s all about keeping it practical, comfy, and organized. No one wants to be THAT PERSON who’s holding up the line because their passport is somewhere deep down in their bag or the one who can barely recognized their bag because it looks ...
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