Women’s Spring/Summer 2016 fashion trends to look out for

February 28, 2016 by Zankhna Parekh - No Comments

A little spring shopping, anyone? This is the first article in a series of two (men’s fashion trends are coming up next week) that will help you decide what to look for during that spring shopping spree!

Flower Power

Flowers are always a safe choice when it comes to spring and summer trends, like at Calvin Klein.
flower power- calvin klein imaxtree
Image from imaxtree

You can shop the trend with the Zankhna Designs ‘Gili’ Blouse.
gili blouse

House clothes

From satin pants to slip dresses, pajama and boudoir dressing are inching into your daytime closet, like these pajama-type outfits at For Restless Sleepers.
house clothes- for restless sleepers
Image from For Restless Sleepers

If you don’t want to jump too far into the trend, try just wearing satin pants, like this pair from Zankhna Designs.
satin pants

Islander patterns

Many runways sported bright stripes, palm trees, and bold island-type prints for the spring, like Salvatore Ferragamo.
islander- salvatore ferragamo imaxtree
Image from imaxtree

Shop the look at Zankhna Designs with this similarly bold Georgina dress.

Whimsical bags

One of the quirkier trends have been bags shaped like candy, animals, and picnic baskets, like this one seen at Dolce and Gabbana.
quirky bags- dolce and gabbana
Image from Dolce and Gabbana

If you just want to dip your toes in whimsy, try this bow-topped clutch.

Shine on

There was lots of shine on the runway- from iridescent fabrics to sequins, like this Sonia Ryikiel dress.
shiny-sonya ryikiel imaxtree
Image from imaxtree

If you want to incorporate some shine into your wardrobe, try the Celine crop top.

Vintage Femininity

There was definitely a feminine feel to the runways- ruffles, Bardot necklines- but they were incorporated with vintage patterns and fabrics to give them a classic look, as seen at Dior.
vintage feminine-dior imaxtree
Image from imaxtree.

The Stella tie blouse below is an homage to past styles, but with a more modern feel.

What are your favorite upcoming trends for the spring? Comment below!

Written by Fatisha Harris